The best electronic toys in 2015

Toys was always special value to us , and still valuable ,and  will continue.Toys are our  most important friend from early age to  till end.Toy is a friend that always give us pleasure never pain.That is why toy is our best friend  of every moment in our life. The technology are always dynamic , not static. That is why electronic toys are not remain same all time. It is changeable from time to time due to technology.Now it’s the year 2015.On the basis of New York City's annual Toy Fair i am representing some toys that are best electronic toys in 2015.The toys are included remote control car, rc helicopter, rc truck, rc dolls etc.


  • Rc cars:Each kit comes with two cars that can be controlled with a smartphone. And kids can race against A.I. (artificial intelligence) or their friends. Bonus: There are multiple game modes and it includes fun accessories like a ramp where kids can launch their vehicle off and unlock hidden gems.
  • Rc car and Helicopter: 2-in-1 RC car and helicopter, the car's roof opens up to launch the copter into the air.
  • Electronic Guiter:After launching a kid-friendly 3-string acoustic guitar in 2011, now launched a whole new collection of kid-size electric guitars that look so darn cool we wanted to rock out on them.
  • RC Helicopter: It has two missile launchers that are located on the left side and right side of this helicopter.It has full movement control, including down, up, right, left, backward, and also forward.

Check out the toys for 5 or  more years old kids

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